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Sound of the Nation

Dan’s Playlist – Thursday, November 29

Janelle Monae – ‘Make Me Feel’ Soft Pill – ‘Mond’ Depeche Mode – ‘Personal Jesus’ Grimes – ‘We Appreciate Power’ Flume (feat: Beck) – ‘Tiny Cities’ Yppah – ‘Gumball Machine Weekend’ Spies – ‘Red Oak’ The Prodigy – ‘Resonate’ Liam Howlett

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Dan’s Playlist – Tuesday, November 27

Superorganism – ‘Everybody Wants To Be Famous’ Darce (feat: Blakkheart) – ‘Enlightened’ The Smashing Pumpkins – ‘1979’ Silverbacks – ‘Just In The Band’ Art Brut – ‘Formed A Band’ Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip – ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’ AE Mak –

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Dan’s Playlist – Thursday, November 22

Jain – ‘Makeba’ The Chemical Brothers – ‘Block Rockin Beats’ Crystal Castles – ‘Good Time’ Warriors Of The Dysthotheque - 'I Know You'll Never Die' (Le Galaxie - William Fakenamé Remix) Soundgarden - ‘Spoonman’ Bitch Falcon – ‘Prime

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Dan’s Playlist – Monday, August 13

Janelle Monae - ‘Dirty Computer’ Massive Attack - ‘Everywhen’ HAPPYALONE - ‘Bodybags’ Confidence Man - ‘Try Your Luck’ Ultramagnetic MCs - ‘Traveling At The Speed Of Thought’ DJ Supreme (feat: Rì Rà, Shaka Shazzam, The Icepick & DJ Assassin)

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