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Sound of the Nation

Dan’s Playlist – Thursday, July 9

Foals – ‘Inhaler’ Host – ‘Crying For Days’ Warpaint – ‘New Song’ (Mike D Remix) Beastie Boys – ‘Sabotage’ Rejjie Snow – ‘Flexin’ Le Groupe Fantastique - ‘Counterfeit’ Happyalone – ‘Something In The Way’ (Session) Nirvana – ‘Polly’ The Muppet

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Dan’s Playlist – Tuesday, July 2

Justice – ‘Genesis’ Banyah – ‘Nothing Free’ Gorillaz (feat: Grace Jones) – ‘Charger’ Blur – ‘Crazy Beat’ Grimes (feat: Aristophanes) – ‘Scream’ Vernon Jane – ‘Full Grown’ Mermaidens – ‘I Might Disappear’ Warpaint – ‘Love Is To Die’ Gypsies On

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