Sound of the Nation

The Spring Sessions

The Spring Sessions



*G.Key & AlexMini – Freaky Piano (Sakura Records)
*A-One – Distort Tune (Infinity Makers)
*John Dahlbäck – Foundation
*Jean Bruce – Rave Gener8tor [Slipmatt Remix] (Nocturbulous Records)
*Carta – Better Not
*Shade K – Faulty Brain
*LSDREAM – Expand The Universe
*Adam Eden – Lets Celebrate [Michael Fusseder Remix] (ADED Recordings)
*Granz Enemy & LightControl – Think Or Be
*Bert – Waiting


*Nosk – Insolence (LW Recordings LWBBS 01)
*SKIITOUR/MARTEN HORGER – Redlight [Odd Mob remix] (Punks PUNKS 156)
*RIVA STARR – The Hole [Layton Giordani remix] (Truesoul TRUE 12116)
*MARTIN LARSSON – Maria Loca (La Bouee Rouge ROUGE 007071)
*RUDOSA – Dreamland (Suara SUARA 350)
*Chainsmoker – For Your Inspiration [Wetworks Remix] (UKR)
*Avision – Forward Thoughts (N&N Records)
*SKREAM/MELODYS ENEMY – 5am (We Are The Brave WATB 031)
*CLARK DAVIS – Urteil (Hypnotic Room HROOM 279)
*FIDELES – Narrow Poetry (Impressum IMPRESSUM 001)
*JIMI JULES – We Out Here (Innervisions Germany IV 86)
*EROL ALKAN – Spectrum [Mano Le Tough remix] (Phantasy PH 83RMX2D)
*ALEX BANKS – Chasms [AB Lost in a Moment remix] (Mesh 361593 7965789)
*BLAKE BAXTER – Tenth Planet [UB313 extended remix] (KMS KMS 315)
*JOHN MONKMAN – Delta Ray (Last Night On Earth LNOE 102)
*DINO LENNY – Tokyo [Black Mami remix] (Roam Recordings ROM 071)
*Komma Noise – Citynights (On Air ONAIR 0164)
*Golden Week – Rollorcide77 (DT CLD 10619)
*Youen – Birds & Bees (Plastic City Germany PLAC 1104)

Enjoy 10 hours of Vinyl – the complete THAT DIGGIN’ SHOW Series 4: