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Aware Paddy’s Day Walk

Aware Paddy’s Day Walk

This St Patrick’s Day, we’re asking you to help us mark the day, a special kinda way

Just because there won’t be any official parades for you to walk in, you can still wear you green proudly, and walk for Aware

They need your help more than ever, so we’re asking you to join us in supporting Aware’s mental health services by signing up for the Aware Paddy’s Day walk.

The whole idea of the walk is you decide the challenge you want to take on – 1K, 5k, fast walk, slow walk, family walk, funny walk, do an around the garden or up and down the stairs walk!

What walk you do is up to you, all we ask, is you do it safely and you do it for Aware.

All proceeds raised will go to fund Aware’s mental health services that are needed more than ever right now! So if you can please, get involved and sign up at

And please remember to abide by the governments safety guidelines and restrictions, when deciding on the walk, you’re gonna take on.

Thank you