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You gotta give this a try

You gotta give this a try

For 2021, 2FM’s gotcha covered!

We’re kicking off January with some big prizes!

We’re talking chances to win all month long as we launch our Heineken 0.0 Dry January, cash give-away!

It’s the beer solution for your new year’s resolution, as we ask you to embrace Dry January by letting us help you, try something new, with literally thousands of euro to be won.

Put it towards learning a new language, maybe a bit of Spanish for when we all get to go on our holliers again, or take up a new skill, and try your hand at a few DIY projects at home, or what about some music lessons so you can become the next youtube sensation!

Whatever it is, Heineken 0.0 want to give you a grand in cash to make it happen.

And for a little more help with your Dry January resolutions, head over to where there’s chances to win a can for each day of Jan, with some exclusive Heineken 0.0 packs to be won!  

Don’t forget, make sure you listen in for your chance to win with our “Heineken 0.0 Dry January, cash give-away” 

RTE competition terms and conditions apply see here

Over 18’s only