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ISPCC / CHILDLINE in association with RTÉ 2FM, along with some of Ireland’s top artists are coming together to present a two week long digital live music event in support of children in Ireland.

Starting this Friday, 27th March at 7pm, people can tune into live performances, through each artist’s official live Instagram account, RTÉ 2FM’s official live Instagram account and will also be broadcast live on 2FM every evening for thirty minutes and donate to support Childline and the ISPCC. Hozier will also give a very special and an exclusive performance live on the Late Late Show this coming Friday night. He wants to make an emergency appeal live to the viewers. Artist’s will preform each day at 7pm for two weeks. 

Full line up of week one as follows

FRI 27th MARCH – HOZIER – @hozier

SAT 28 MARCH – DANNY O’REILLY – @dannythecoronas

SUN 29 MARCH – WILD YOUTH – @bandwildyouth

MON 30 MARCH – KODALINE – @kodaline

TUES 31st Mar h – DERMOT KENNEDY – @dermotkennedy

WED 1st APRIL – PICTURE THIS – @bandpicturethis

THURS 2nd APRIL – GAVIN JAMES – @gavinjameslive



Announcing the much needed fundraising campaign, the  on the Jennifer Zamparelli Show on 2FM earlier, President of the ISPCC, Caroline Downey said; The ISPCC mantra is never give up on a child ever, and child abuse does not disappear in a pandemic, if anything it increases.

The stress among young people, being sexually, physically and emotionally abused and the added stress of the pandemic is putting huge demands on the Childline service. All fundraising has ceased, we are in dire need of the public support because 90% of our funding comes from the kindness and generosity of the Irish public. Through the support of all the incredible artists who are taking part and RTÉ 2FM, we hope that this new form of fundraising will enable us to keep our ISPCC/CHILDLILNE service open and running 24 hours in these unprecedented times. Childline is a vital service for children in Ireland. And we ask if you can afford it please support us by donating €4 by texting the word ‘childhood’ to 50300 and if you have a little more to spare, please go on line”

Head of RTÉ 2FM, Dan Healy said; “2FM have partnered with the ISPCC over the last number of years and because of the 2FM Christmas Ball we have raised €600,000 each year for the charity. None of this could happen with out the ISPCC president Caroline Downey. But this year we can’t wait until Christmas for your help. We need it now. So the artists are coming to you live from their homes on Instagram and 2FM. Come on dance and sing at home and share it on your social using the #NeverGiveUpOnChildEver and create Ireland first ever remote festival. Please donate if you can.”

Listen to Caroline Downey’s interview with Jennifer Zamparelli on 2FM here: – “All fundraising as we have known it has come to a stop so you do have to become creative. We decided to do a fundraiser in aid of the ISPCC – who is in dire need of funding, there’s been a 59% increase in calls to the charity since 17th March. Our volunteers are still going in, it’s a vital service, we need to stay open”


Life as we know it has been put on hold for now and so have the vital fundraising activities on which Childline depends for its continued existence.


But child abuse does not stop in a pandemic.

Nor does neglect.

Nor do mental health difficulties or self-harm.


In many cases, children and young people across the country are experiencing these issues more acutely now than ever before.


Many of those who contact Childline tell us they feel as though they have nowhere else to turn. They need our help.


Childline will continue to be there for them 24 hours a day, every day – but only if we receive public support at this critical time.


We rely on donations for 90% of our funding.


We are appealing to you, to help share a sense of hope with children. To let them know that someone cares.


We saw an increase in demand across all channels initially (website, text and calls) now the demand is growing in the online services (hits to website and SMS).

This may be due to the fact that everyone is staying at home and phone conversations could be overheard so children are choosing the other options.


There has been a 59% increase in engagements with children across all our online platforms since 17th March.


Your donation will be a part of every contact Childline answers.


Childline is here for every child and young person in Ireland at


Children can contact Childline at:

Freefone 1800 666 666

Text talk to 50101




ISPCC’s Facebook


ISPCC will receive a minimum of €3.60

Service Provider LikeCharity. Helpline 076 6805278