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Sound of the Nation

Dan’s Playlist – Wednesday, March 11

Moloko – ‘Fun For Me’
Roisin Murphy – ‘Murphy’s Law’ (Dub)
!!! – ‘Off The Grid’
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – ‘Zero’
First Class & Coach – ‘Detroit’
The Legendary Tigerman (feat: Peaches) – ‘She’s A Hellcat’
Pearl Jam – ‘Spin The Black Circle’
Les Amazones d’Afrique – ‘Dogon’
Alex Gough – ‘Fool’
The Stone Roses – ‘Fool’s Gold’
Ping Pong Posse Club – ‘Manic For Panic’
Goldfrapp – ‘Ride A White Horse’

Hour 2:

Mango x MathMan (feat: Lisa Hannigan) – ‘Deep Blue’
Rage Against The Machine – ‘Guerrilla Radio’
Sprints – ‘Kissing Practice’
Female Hercules – ‘Gwendolyn’
Robocobra Quartet – ‘Blue Sky Sinking’
Robocobra Quartet interview
Robocobra Quartet – ‘Pinballs’
Radiohead – ‘Bullet Proof Wish I Was’
Ava Archbold – ‘Exit Music (For A Film)’
Scala & Kolacny Brothers – ‘Bittersweet Symphony’
The Verve – ‘Bittersweet Symphony’
Arvo Party – ‘Other Ghosts’
Legion Of Two – ‘Turning Point’
Bedlam Suitcase – ‘Brother Benjamin’