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Sound of the Nation

Dan’s Playlist – Wednesday, March 4

Dan’s Playlist – Wednesday, March 4

Roisin Murphy – ‘Murphy’s Law’ (Dub)
Republic Of Loose – ‘Break!’
RJD2 – ‘Exotic Talk’
Just Mustard – ‘Seven’
Vernon Jane – ‘Over’
Portishead – ‘All Mine’
Mutant Vinyl – ‘Faux Rodeo’

Arlo Parks live at Eurosonic:
‘Black Dog’

Fontaines D.C. – ‘Big’
Melodica Deathship (feat: Sinead Pierce) – ‘Standing On The Hill’
Jiggy – ‘Man Of Aran’

Hour 2:

Cypress Hill – ‘When The Shit Goes Down’
Caribou – ‘Lime’
Video Blue – ‘Dusk Moves’
Dark Tropics – ‘Badlands’
Ash – ‘Burn Baby Burn’
Ash interview
Ash – ‘Shining Light’
Scally – ‘Football’s Greatest’
PJ Harvey – ‘Down By The water’
Aoife Wolf – ‘I Am The Ocean’
Toygirl – ‘Moonlight Velvet’
Air – ‘African Velvet’
Air – ‘Cherry Blossom Girl’
Interference – ‘Vinegar Girl’
Cold Beat – ‘Paper’
Bobby Womack – ‘Across 110th Street’