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Sound of the Nation

Dan’s Playlist – Wednesday, February 26

Dan’s Playlist – Wednesday, February 26

Fontaines D.C. – ‘Sha Sha Sha’
DJ Supreme (feat: Rì Rà, Shaka Shazzam, The Icepick & DJ Assassin) – ‘Breathe’
The Scratch – ‘God Slap’
Dropkick Murphys – ‘I’m Shipping Up To Boston’
Alex G – ‘Promises’
Grimes – ‘So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth’
Rejjie Snow – ‘Pink Beetle’
Submotion Orchestra – ‘Awakening’
Radiohead – ‘My Iron Lung’
Nadine Shah – ‘Ladies For Babies (Goats For Love)’
Sorcha Richardson – ‘Honey Heavy’
Shakalak – ‘Kindness’
Bono & Gavin Friday – ‘In The Name Of The Father’
Fox Jaw – ‘Breathe In The Strange’

Hour 2:

Warpaint – ‘Undertow’
Cat Turner – ‘Outside’
Flume (feat: Beck) – ‘Tiny Cities’
Sinking With Love – ‘Bheith Beo’
Soak – ‘Oh Brother’
Soak interview
Soak – ’24 Windowed House’
King Krule – ‘Perfecto Miserable’
Elma Orkestra & Ryan Vail – ‘Symmetry’
Grandbrothers – ‘Bloodflow’
Mercury Rev – ‘Endlessly’
Kieran Ring – ‘Satellite’
Neon Atlas – ‘Get Up’
School Of Seven Bells – ‘When You Sing’