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Stand Up Week on 2FM

Stand Up Week on 2FM

All this week, we’re proudly supporting “Stand Up Week” against LGBTI+ bullying. It’s happening next week in schools across the country, so we wanted to give you loads of notice!

It’s a time to take a stand against homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying, and promoting LGBTI+ inclusion and a safe school environment.


Members of the LGBTI+ community have always had to announce who they are and ‘come out’.  But, what if the rest of us chose to ‘come in?’. What if we chose to declare our support and stand together with our LGBTI+, friends, family, colleagues and co-workers?

One big part of it, happens on Friday Nov 15th, when schools across the country, will each pick a rainbow colour for each school year. The plan is, they’ll then wear all the colours in on that day to show their support.