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Sound of the Nation

Dan’s Playlist – Thursday, October 31

The Rocky Horror Show – ‘The Time Warp’
Ghostpoet – ‘Freakshow’
Grimes – ‘Medieval Warfare’
Ladytron – ‘Ghosts’
Smashing Pumpkins – ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’
The Wytches – ‘Wire Frame Mattress’
Buffalo Sunn – ‘Witches’
The Prodigy – ‘Ghost Town’
SYLK – ‘Am I Alone (After Dark)?’
Melodica Deathship – ‘Black Ship Coming’
Justice – ‘Phantom’
Marilyn Manson – ‘The Beautiful People’
Marilyn Manson – ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’
Buck 65 – ‘Zombie Delight’
The Cranberries – ‘Zombie’

Hour 2:

The Snuts – ‘Maybe California’
Tame Impala – ‘It Might Be Time’
G-Flip – ‘Killing My Time’
Lydia Ford – ‘I Don’t Want To Be Your Girlfriend’
Moby – ‘Run On’
Stomptown Brass – ‘One Last Time’
Snarky Puppy – ‘Chonks’ (Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival)
Daithi (feat: Ailbhe Reddy) – ‘Submarines’
The Pox Men – ‘Potato Graveyard’
Lamb – ‘Gorecki’

Jungle live at the Montreux Jazz Festival:
‘Busy Earnin’
The Heat’