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Sound of the Nation

Dan’s Playlist – Thursday, October 10

Dan’s Playlist – Thursday, October 10

Childish Gambino – ‘This Is America’
DJ Shadow – ‘Urgent, Important, Please Read’
Soft Pill – ‘Mond’
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – ‘Zero’
The Murder Capital – ‘Love Love Love’
R.E.M. – ‘What’s The Frequency Kenneth?’
Conor Furlong – ‘R.E.M. Saved My Life Tonight’
Saint Sister (feat: Jafaris) – ‘Causing Trouble’ (Kormac Remix)
ROMAY – ‘Heritage’
Odd Morris – ‘What Might Be’
Ash – ‘Jesus Says’
Pillow Queens – ‘HowDoILook’
Angel Olsen – ‘All Mirrors’

Hour 2:

Moby – ‘Honey’
Sorcha Richardson – ‘Honey’
Flecks – ‘Distance=Distance’
Wastefellow – ‘On The Dry’
U2 – ‘Babyface’

The Mauskovic Dance Band live at the Paleo festival:
‘Down In The Basement’
‘Space Drum Machine’

Lefties Soul Collection (feat: Michelle David) – ‘Shake It Up, Burn It Loose’
Delgres – ‘Can’t Let You Go’
Sun Mahshene – ‘Leave This City’
Beck – ‘The New Pollution’
David Keenan – ‘Altar Wine’
SON – ‘When The Light Shines Down’ (Peter Vogelaar Remix)
Circuit3 – ‘DNA’