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Sound of the Nation

Dan’s Playlist – Tuesday, September 24

Kendrick Lamar – ‘Backseat Freestyle’
Sampa The Great – ‘Final Form’
Pete Pamf – ‘Tripping In The Meadow’
Grimes – ‘Violence’
Chastity Belt – ‘Effort’
Nadine Shah – ‘Holiday Destination’

First Class & Coach – ‘Lullaby’
Air (feat: Jason Falkner) – ‘Radio #1’
Tebi Rex – ‘It’s Better’
Big Daddy Kane – ‘On The Bugged Trip’
God Knows (feat: Outsider YP) – ‘Clout9’
Roe – ‘Wasted.Patient.Thinking’
New Pagans – ‘Charlie Has The Face Of A Saint’
Chinese Newspaper – ‘Sunday’

Hour 2:

Maverick Sabre – ‘Into Nirvana’
Kim Gordon – ‘Murdered Out’
Nirvana – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’
Tori Amos – ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’
Nirvana – ‘Something In The Way’
Happyalone – ‘Something In The Way’ (Session)
Nirvana – ‘On A Plane’
Nirvana – ‘Stay Away’
Little Roy – ‘Lithium’
Nirvana  – ‘Polly’
Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra  – ‘Polly’
Nirvana – ‘Territorial Pissing’
Nirvana – ‘Lounge Act’
Weird Al Yankovic – ‘Smells Like Nirvana’
Nirvana – ‘Come As You Are’
Soundgarden – ‘Outshined’