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How do you find Doireann?

How do you find Doireann?

On her very first day on 2fm Breakfast, Doireann Garrihy thought she’d spread a little sunshine across the nation on Friday May 31st…And a little cash!

If you find Doireann before anyone else you could win up €10,000 ALL DAY TODAY!

Now that’s a cool way to celebrate 2fm’s 40th birthday and start the bank holiday weekend in style!

So how do you find Doireann?

Over the day Doireann will touch down in a number of different locations around Ireland. Follow her clues on 2fm throughout the day and on social. If you figure it out and find the new star whose co-hosting our new breakfast show with Eoghan McDermott starting next Tuesday, June 4th then you could win a cash prize starting from €1000 at 8am.

Each hour that she isn’t found the fund will go up by €1000!

All you have to do is when you see her be the first to clearly say “I Found Doireann!”, then let 2fm do the rest!

For all you need to know read the following terms and conditions…

Terms and Conditions
The Competition:
The purpose of the competition is for Doireann Garrihy to be found on Friday, May 31st. Throughout the day Doireann will “touch down” in different locations at different times in Ireland to be found by a 2fm listener. There are a number of cash prizes to be won.
Listen in to 2fm to hear the clues and touch down times which could lead you to her location. When you find Doireann you must announce “I Found Doireann” to be in with a chance of winning the prize. The listener who is declared the winner will be handed a sealed envelope containing contact details in order to claim the cash prize.
In the event that more than one person finds Doireann at the same touch down location the winner of the cash prize is deemed to be the first person to clearly say “I Found Doireann”. If more than one person says “I Found Doireann” at the same time the cash prize will be divided equally between those identified.
All decisions as to which person has “found Doireann” first or at the same time will be at the full discretion of 2fm and no correspondence or discussion will be entertained.
Once the prize has been won the competition will be suspended until 2fm announces the competition has begun again. The cash fund is then re-set at €1000.
The cash prize increase each hour Doireann isn’t found.
The prize is only available when Doireann is in a public space and not in a moving vehicle.
Do not follow any person who claims to be Doireann. Always stay in a public area. The winner will receive a clearly marked envelope from RTE.
The competition closes at 6pm on Friday, May 31st or when the cash fund runs out.
Once an individual has won a prize on Finding Doireann neither they nor any member of their immediate family or household can win again in the Find Doireann Competition.
2FM doesn’t accept any responsibility for any cost, loss or expense arising from participation in the competition including personal injury or damage to property.