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Sound of the Nation

Dan’s Playlist – Thursday, May 23

UNKLE – ‘Eye For An Eye’
SYLK – ‘Am I Alone (After Dark)’
Timo Maas – ‘To Get Down’
Super Extra Bonus Party (feat: Sorcha McGrath) – ‘Some Dark Forces’
Little Simz – ‘Boss’
House Of Pain – ‘Jump Around’
Bitch Falcon – ‘Panther’
The Prodigy (feat: Pop Will Eat Itself) – ‘Their Law’
The Jesus Lizard – ‘Trephination’
Tribal Dance – ‘You Can’t Swim’
The National (feat: Gail Ann Dorsey & Lisa Hannigan) – ‘Hairpin Turns’
Ships – ‘All Will Be’

Hour 2:

The Verve – ‘Bittersweet Symphony’
Electric Shore – ‘Hurricane’
Blood Orange – ‘Best To You’
Stano – ‘Corncrake’
Whenyoung – ‘The Others’
Whenyoung interview

Whenyoung live at Eurosonic:
‘Blank Walls’
‘Labour Of Love’
‘Never Let Go’

The Avener (feat: Phoebe Killdeer) – ‘Fade Out Lines’
Craig Walker – ‘The Hurt’
Kitt Philippa – ‘Human’
In Their Thousands – ‘Money’