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Sound of the Nation

Dan’s Playlist – Wednesday, February 27

The Roots (feat: Cody ChesNUTT) – ‘The Seed 2.0’
Roisin Murphy – ‘Exploitation’ (Falco Benz Remix)
The Family Knife – ‘Yeah, Maybe’
Ten Walls – ‘Walking With Elephants’
Foals – ‘Sunday’
Cinema (feat: Chris Geddes) – ‘Floating’
Grand Brothers – ‘Bloodflow’
Moby – ‘Rushing’
Damola – ‘This One’
Fontaines DC – ‘Big’
Oasis – ‘Rock N Roll Star’
Feels – ‘Car’
West Street Mob – ‘Break Dance – Electric Boogie’
Super Extra Bonus Party – ‘Everything Flows’

Hour 2:

Rage Against The Machine – ‘Bulls On Parade’
Nadine Shah – ‘Holiday Destination’
The Rahs – ‘Land Of The Dreamers’
The Cult – ‘Fire Woman’
Boy Genius – ‘Bite The Hand’
The Man Whom – ‘Nothing Gained’
The Mighty Stef – ‘Milk White Tears’
The Mighty Stef interview
The Mighty Stef – ‘Vampire, Hold Me Tight’
Vampire Weekend – ‘Horchata’
Zapho – ‘Water Me’
Nealo  (feat: Molly Sterling) – ‘Just My Luck’
Grimes – ‘Know The Way’
Proper Micro NV – ‘Salt’