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2FM – Ask About Alcohol Week

2FM – Ask About Alcohol Week

It’s Ask About Alcohol Week and 2fm’s starting a conversation with the nation about our Love/Hate relationship with alcohol.

And who doesn’t love going out but hate how we feel the next morning if we over do it?  

  • Do you know the positive impact drinking less can have on your health, your relationships and your pocket!
  • Let’s talk about making memorable nights, the ones you do remember, find out how drinking less can help make it a great night out without the awful morning!
  • Isn’t it time to move on from the Irish Stereotype image we have when it comes to alcohol?
  • Like in all relationships, if it’s a negative one you’d try to change it, so find out what sort of relationship you have with alcohol and if it needs it, change it?

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Take the Drinks Calculator to find out if alcohol’s affecting your health, wallet or weight 

Are you a low, medium or high risk drinker? Take our Self Assessment Tool to find out 

Worried about your drinking? We have help here 

Worried about someone else? We have some advice 

If you need support, you can call the HSE Drug and Alcohol Helpline on  1800 459 459, Monday – Friday 9.30 to 5.30


The Fear – Ask About Alcohol Week on 2FM

On Monday Jen and Lottie talked about THE FEAR and how even 10 years later Jen still has the fear after turning up for work 6 hours late!

Who needs that in their life?!

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The show team try out the Drinks Calculator – Ask About Alcohol 

Eoghan and his crew get out the Drinks Calculator to see how much damage they did to their wallets and bodies.

Try it out and do the maths yourself and be honest and make drinking less work for you.

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The Ask About Alcohol conversation continues 

Listen back to Eoghan talking to counsellor Austin Prior about the benefits of cutting down on alcohol and the positive effects it will have on your mental health.

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Battle On The Streets Asks About Alcohol

Cormac Battle went out on the streets to ask people three questions about the Irish and their drinking habits – he joined Nicky and Jenny in studio to play back their answers and some were surprising …

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Sports Nutritionist Sharon Courtney Talks To Eoghan

Does alcohol have any nutritional value? What forms of alcohol are hardest to digest?

Sports Nutritionist and former Monaghan captain Sharon Courtney answered Eoghan’s alcohol-related questions…

Check out the full interview on Soundcloud and visit HSE Ask About Alcohol



Carl Mullan Goes Out The Night Before a Big Meeting

Carl Mullan’s out with his mates the night before a BIG meeting in work.

His challenge: Head out, have a good night, max three drinks, and not get talked into anything else by his mates…

Here’s how he got on…

Part of 2FM’s HSE Ask About Alcohol conversation.