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The 2FM 20K Take-Away has been taken away!!

The 2FM 20K Take-Away has been taken away!!

And that’s a wrap! The 20K Take Away winner is……Tom Oates!!


For five full days the 20K Take Away Bagger, Tom Oates managed to hang on to just over 15K of the 20K take-away! Gowan Tom!

This was such good fun we’re gonna do it again!

But first we have to raise the cash to make it worth your while ok.

Stay tuned to 2fm for more deadly giveaways.

That’s Christmas and a whole lot more… sorted!

It’s the 2FM Take-Away!

Last Monday we found the Lucky Bagger who notched up €20k on the Eoghan McDermott Show.

Now comes the crazy part!

Starting Tuesday and for five full days our 20K Bagger has to try to hold on to that 20K.

And you can try to take it off them.

Just like Casey did!

Each morning a registered 20K Take Away entrant can go up against the Bagger to win some of their new found fortune.

You can ask for one question valued at either 3, 5 or 7K!

It depends on how greedy you are!

If you get it right you take away the cash equivalent to the question’s value.

But before you get to hear the question the 20K Bagger can offer you a cash incentive from their fortune to make you go away!

What are you gonna do? Take the Bribe or go for the Question?

By Monday morning, December 3rd  our 20K Bagger will have kept the 20K, parted with some of the 20K or lost every single bit of it!

So how do you get to take on the Bagger and win some of that 20K

Each day we’ll find a new contestant on the Eoghan McDermott Show (4-7pm). To be in with a chance listen out for the 20K Take-Away password on 2fm. Once you’ve got the password text the word followed by your name, age and location to 51552.

Don’t worry – those of you who registered last week to win the 20K are also in with an equal chance to be chosen to play.

Click here for the terms & conditions