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Some advice for those of you taking on exams!

If you are embarking on Junior or Leaving cert exams over the coming weeks we wish you the very best. It’ll soon be over and there’s a whole summer waiting for you on the other side!

But before you march in to that hall… here’s some simple advice that you can take with you.

Timetable: Double check the days and dates. It’s so easy to mix them up.

Questions: Read the question, then read it again. Then read it again! Take the few minutes to really understand what it is that’s being asked of you.

Sleep: Get plenty of it. You might think you can do without it, but your body knows better.

Break-time: Even in the few hours before your exam remember to factor in a break. Your mental health is more important.

Social: Put it away. Don’t let anyone or anything put you off the effort you’ve been building to for two whole years!

For more tips try

Ten years after facing into his leaving cert – when his mind wasn’t really prepared for the task – 2FM Weekend Presenter Stephen Byrne has gone back in to dance with the leaving cert devil this month. He told Eoghan why he wanted to do his exams all over again…

Programmes across TV and Radio will report on some of the key issues effecting youth mental health. RTE News will have dedicated digital stories on the subject online and on social media accounts while RTÉ Sport’s will host a special GAA panel discussion on the topic.

Here on 2FM, we will be speaking to guests on a range of related issues on our daily programmes. Tracy Clifford finds out what ingredients go into making a hit to cheer you up and throughout the week we’ll create a playlist of pick-me-up tunes with tracks nominated by 2fm presenters and listeners.

And here it is! Tracy’s “Feel Good Tunes” Playlist!

On Monday Joanne McNally joined Nicky & Jenny to recount her problems with Anorexia and Bulimia when she was in her twenties.  She told of how it took her friends and family to make her realise how serious her condition had become at which point she admitted herself to full time treatment.

Although she has now fully recovered, Joanne concluded that she will always live with an eating disorder but has learned strategies and techniques to ‘turn it off.

This week also sees the launch of a new service on called Mind Yourself providing listeners with details of the organisations available to help them.

For a list of all helplines please click HERE

Last night, RTÉ One  broadcast The Big Picture – Young and Troubled, a one hour documentary which highlights the reality of mental health issues among Ireland’s young people. This was followed by a live studio discussion presented by Keelin Shanley and our very own Eoghan McDermott.

You can watch the doc & discussion below:

Take a closer look at the mural on the grounds of RTÉ by street artist and teacher Joe Caslin for The Big Picture: Youth Mental Health: HERE