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Sound of the Nation

Dan’s Playlist – Wednesday, January 31

Le Boom – ‘What We Do’ (Mix & Fairbanks Remix)
Bonzai – ‘I Feel Alright’ (Mura Masa Remix)
U2 – ‘Lemon’ (Perfecto Remix)
Rusangano Family – ‘Surviving The Times’
Super Extra Bonus Party (feat: Paul O’Reilly) – ‘Everything Flows’
Royseven – ‘We Should Be Lovers’
Cat Dowling – ‘The Well Runs Dry’
Aine Cahill – ‘Red Hill Mining Town’
Whipping Boy – ‘We Don’t Need Nobody Else’
The Chalets – ‘Theme From Chalets’
Feuds – ‘Nothing To Happen Next’
Sinead O’Connor – ‘4th & Vine’
Warriors Of The Dystotheque – ‘The Future Is Ours’

Hour 2:

Colin Farrell – ‘I Fought The Law’
Otherkin – ‘Come On, Hello’
Wilt – ‘Take Me Home’
Jealous Of Birds & Ryan Vail – ‘Love Is A Crow’
The Pale – ‘Mother Nature Is A Man’
The Pale interview (Matthew & Shane)
The Pale – ‘Dogs With No Tails’
Sean OB – ‘Teacher’
Rare – ‘Something Wild’
Brian Deady – ‘Eloise (Lean Into The Wave)’
Jacknife Lee – ‘Cookies’
Steam Phunk & Lydia Ford – ‘Lost In Translation’
Eden – ‘Icarus’