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2fm listeners pay tribute to Dolores O’Riordan

2fm listeners pay tribute to Dolores O’Riordan

Yesterday the terribly sad news broke that Dolores O’Riordan passed away too soon at the age of 46 in London…

Our Eoghan and Louise each presented beautiful special shows in tribute to Dolores, with guests sharing stories like May Kay of Le Galaxie and Mark of Kodaline and listeners.

We’ve selected just a few of the many texts that listeners sent in during both Eoghan and Louise’s show.

Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us.

Take a look below…

RIP Dolores. Really sad to hear that Eoghan. Cranberries were part of the soundtrack to my youth. I had all the albums. Great memories of watching zombie video on MTV coming in from school. Jennifer

Hi Eoghan, Apart from being a wonderful musician, With an incredible ear, Never mind voice, She was the warmest and most genuine person you could meet – a glorious human being. So sad. Cheers David

Omg eoghan. Shivers after just turning in radio. Speechless. Thoughts to her mom Eileen and all her family. Rest in Peace Dolores. Aine in Tipp xxx

I got the privilege to meet Dolores O’Riordan in millstreet at the music fair going back a good few years ago she was such a lovely warm sweet person Paul in Cork devastated

Hey Eoghan could you please play Dreams by the Cranberries? I’m in tears here on the way home in the truck hard to believe. My all time favourite band. Kev in cork

Hi Eoghan Dreams was the song me and my then girlfriend now wife played when we just needed to have a smile from Gareth Co. Cork

Eoghan, lovely tribute. Turned on radio 20 minutes ago. Can’t believe it. One if my earliest memories is going down to holycross (in Tipp) to catch a glimpse of the hype on her wedding day. Such a superstar. Best lead singer bar none (Male & female). Hard to fathom that she was in her early 20s when they exploded on the world. Unbelievable. J

In 2009 I was working in India and was really homesick. I passed by a place that was playing Zombie by the Cranberries. It cheered me right up. Turns out that song was quite popular there.

Eoghan, am genuinely so upset about Dolores O’Riordan. I remember singing along to The Cranberries at Feile (yes,I’m that old). Saw her on the Late Late a few years ago and I think she was on it the same night as Sinead O’Connor . I remember thinking ‘such two great Irish women of our time’ and it saddens me to think of her gone now. Still listening to her music more than twenty years later…

I’m incredibly shocked and sad to hear about Dolores. I was a huge fan of that first album when I was in school in 1994 Her voice was something else. She was an icon and very few women will lead a band like her. She wore her heart on her sleeve, was passionate but strong too. May she rest in peace and heartfelt sympathy to her children, family and band mates

Hi Eoghan, The Cranberries were huge to my sister and I in ourearly 20’s and so I was so chuffed when I heard she was going to be a judge on The Voice. I’ll always remember her saying ‘See the Ball, Be the Ball’ – she was priceless & I’m so sad to hear she’s gone. From Yvonne O’Donnell

Hi Eoghain…. Can’t believe the news you just told me…. At a time when I was mad into trance, the cranberries came out with such a great album…. And the last song “no need to argue” became my anthem as was going thru a breakup of a turbulent relationship…. It’s a song my sister and I have sung at every late nite sing song to this day…. Could you please play it I think the sentiment would be fitting as we ve lost someone so special…. Thanking you so much… Shane, Roscommon

Can’t believe it about the Dolores. Went to see her in the Bord Gais theatre in May and loved every second of it. She was amazing and brought me right back to my schooldays in the 90’s where Dolores was a true icon and our most famous past pupil. Devastated to hear this news today. What a terrible loss. RIP

Hi Eoin, Im so sad to hear that Delores has died.Her song ‘Ode to my family’ was the song I walked up the aisle on my wedding day to at Christmas 1994.From one quirky , unpredicttable Limerick to another, I salute you Delores , and thank you for the memories-truly the best singer in the best band ever.Regards, Mary Roche.

As stroppy moody teenager zombie was my sister & mine anthem it used to drive our mother Mam but I’m standing in kitchen in shock can’t believe an absolute female legend is gone too sad my sympathies to her family & friends

If you think she wrote the lyrics for ‘everyone else is doing it’ when she was in her early 20s. So talented and that’s before she started to sing. She got my teenage self through a lot. May she rip.

Lovely tribute Eoghan, I met Dolores and her family when the drummer got married in Dromoland castle in 1998, I was a trainee manager there at the time, they were just so nice and on the morning of the wedding, Dolores ordered tea and tayto crisps to her room and her whole sat around chatting , such a lovely memory , Pete OBrien, Cork

I loved this lady. She had such a unique voice. I danced in my room waiting for my life to begin as a teenager to all her albums. Saw her at Feile. Everyone loved her. Rip Dolores taken from us too young

The Cranberries were my first gig. They were playing with Embrace in Dublin Castle when I was in first year in college. We got into hot press magazine . We thought we were superstars. Dolores represented a time that every Irish man and woman in their thirties now look back on with awe. Teens, angst, rebellion. Joy. Identity. College. Liberation. The lump in my throat as I text… sometimes artists and songs transcend the charts , the trappings, the fame… they lock in a moment in time forever. Thank you forever Dolores… “the daffodils ” surely do “look lovely today” RIP.

To say I’m heartbroken is an understatement. As my beautiful Auntie Joan put it,: The Cranberries music is the soundtrack to my life. The impact Dolores and her music had on me will live on forever. A bad Ass Irish legend who inspired millions of girls just like me that you can do whatever the hell you want, make no apologies for being who you are. Tonight I’ll tearfully play every tune and grieve at the quenching of Ireland’s brightest artistic light

Her own accent. Her own terms. #DoloresORiordan told me it was ok not to conform, that being angry mid-song was absofeckinglutely necessary at times! and to be absolutely true to yourself however difficult that was. For a female teenager of the 90’s, it was fresh air for my soul. #RestInPeace Delores – couldn’t but be herself like all true greats.

Hi Louise. I’m just numb. Cranberries made me feel like there was hope after my teens. Their music just resonated so much. Remember buying bury the hatchet and listening to promises on repeat. And then you and me giving me the feels. Just can’t believe it. Rip Delores. Brian in Santry.

Wow. Hearing these songs – the cranberries were the soundtrack to my lost and trouble teens! Every word of every song flooding back to me now. A massive part of my heart. RIP Dolores x Dave

Hi there, very sad news this evening, after completely loving Dolores and the cranberries through the nineties, I came across their greatest hits two years ago in tescos, and since then, have had so so many mad bedtime discos with my 4 kids aged 8 6 4 and 2 who totally totally love them and her….. Zombie is my 6 year olds son Teds favourite song ever! RIP Dolores. From Shane in Limerick.

I was listening to Eoghan’s show today while I was out for a run and linger came on i was literally crying running along i immediately texted my sister when I got home she was a massive cranberries fan and 6 years older than me she was the cool one listening to Atlantic 252 Friday night chart show and recording the latest cranberries onto a tape while she was meant to be studying Dolores was my first experience of great Irish music and she without me even realizing has touched me as a powerful Irish musician RIP Dolores

I can’t stop crying, Dolores set a standard that nobody will ever come near. The cranberries helped me get through my teens. Such a huge loss to this world. Claire in Clare

A memory that stands out for me is back in the summer of 2004 while I was on a J1 in the states, I was hungover stripping wallpaper in 35 degrees heat in a house on Long Island, New York when I found a dusty cd that happened to be the Cranberries. I swear the only reason I got through the rest of that day was down to the fact that I played the Cranberries CD on repeat!! I still remember being really proud that there I was thousands of miles away in New York listening to an Irish band. Great memories. Also the fact that the Cranberries cd was there goes to show just how big the Cranberries were in America at their peak. Mark, Sligo.

1994 second year ,class 2D ,our lady of Mercy Secondary School Waterford city – linger was our Athem played by cathriona and Louise at every lunch break on guitar !!we all wore docs against the rules of course and ‘ my so called life ‘ was our gospel . RIP Dolores fondling remembering the best of days in the mercy waterford from ciara conway x

I remember being 13 at the disco looking at the older cool girls all sit in the middle of the floor when zombie came on.. she stood for every single girl growing up in ireland.. true to herself- strong yet vulnerable and she just seemed to speak to us all.. total girl power in the middle of pearl jam et al.. I dunno why but I guess a bit of my youth has died today may she rest in peace.. Mozz

Omg Louise in in bits since hearing this afternoon from my twentys the cranberries getting married at 25 turning 26 when our oldest son who just turned on the 22nd of December they were always on my lifes map with so many .others before and since but her haunting beautiful poetic voice will live on in our hearts and minds .Im 48 years old and she was poetry in motion shame I never got to meet her of stage love and light to ger kids family band friends Elizabeth Anne Donovan in Mahon Cork

Hi Louise, firstly THANK YOU for this magnificent tribute to Dolores. I feel like I’m in a virtual room with all of my fellow Fanberries, in awe of the amazing Dolores O’Riordan. My first memory of Dolores is myself and my sister in the back of my Mam’s car singing ‘do you have to DO YOU HAVE TO do you have to let it linger’ at the top of our lungs even when the song wasn’t on. We were obsessed. Her music is the sound track to my life from winning $25 in Australia for my rendition of ‘when you’re gone’ to break ups, to hitting the open road, to blasting Promises in the car when I’m upset and angry and letting the emotion just pour out of me. Every note she sang was oozing from her soul. She will forever live in in my heart even though she’s taken a little bit of it with her. Siobhán xxxxx

Hi Louise, this is Aodhán in Kilkenny. Im truly truly gutted tonight. Im a proud Limerick city man. Ive been a fan of Dolores and the cranberries for nearly 25years. No need to argue was my first cd. My first concert was the cranberries in mill st when i was 12 and my mam drove me to it after work and fell asleep during zombie!!!! Ive been at all their other irish concerts since then. My wife and i walked down the aisle to Dreams straight after getting married. I almost had to sell my soul to get tickets to their last concert in may 17 in the bord gais. When the news broke this afternoon my phone started hopping with calls and messages from my family and friends. Im gutted tonight and barely holding back the tears. Thanks for a great tribute show tonight for dolores. My wife and i are here glued to it. RIP Dolores O’Riordan- the Queen of Limerick xxxx