Sound of the Nation

Dan’s Playlist – Wednesday, January 3

Dan’s Playlist – Wednesday, January 3

(Superorganism pic by Jordan Hughes)

Grimes – ‘Medieval Warfare’
Smashing Pumpkins – ‘Tonight Tonight’
Bibio – ‘Take Off Your Shirt’
Electric Six – ‘Danger High Voltage’
Safari – ‘Excuses’
Deap Vally – ‘Gonna Wanna#
All Tvvins – ‘Too Young To Live’
Superorganism – ‘Everybody Wants To Be Famous’
Buck 65 – ‘Leftfielder’
Asian Dub Foundation (feat: Sinead O’Connor) – ‘1000 Mirrors’
Queens Of The Stone Age – ‘I Sat By The Ocean’
Queens Of The Stone Age – ‘Regular John’
Skepta – ‘Man’
Messiah J & The Expert – ‘Jean Is Planning An Escape’
Tame Impala – ‘Let It Happen’

Hour 2:

Tame Impala – ‘Alter Ego’
Melody’s Echo Chamber – ‘Endless Shores’
The Last Sound – ‘Oh Begin’
The XX – ‘Angels’
Chris Prythm – ‘Broken English’
The Avener (feat: Phoebe Killdeer) – ‘Fade Out Lines’
Power Of Dreams – ‘Stay’
Fontaines D.C. – ‘Winter In The Sun’
Bitch Falcon – ‘Of Heart’
Bell X1 – ‘Starlings Over Brighton Pier’
Aine Cahill – ‘Blood Diamonds’
Aine Cahill – ‘Red Hill Mining Town’
Ashley MacIsaac – ‘Sleepy Maggie’
Jiggy – ‘Raca’