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Mango x MathMan release debut EP ‘WHEEL UP’

Mango x MathMan release debut EP ‘WHEEL UP’

Dublin duo Mango x MathMan have just released their debut EP today…

Last night the lads launched their project to a sold out crowd in The Complex and today their debut EP is available everywhere online.

”…Irish rapper Mango, with the assistance of Mathman on decks, turned lunchtime pints into a daytime grime rave. When he spits out songs with titles such as Rapih and Buzzin’, he raps the way Irish people talk. He’s gas, he’s cutting and he’s real. “This song was on the iTunes chart for two hours,” he says, riling up the crowd for What Are You Sayin?, “I got the screengrabs an’ all.”

Full of charisma, he has people dancing on the tables and eating out of his hand, even though the air was laced with hangovers and regrets from the night before”.

-Una Mullally, Irish Times

Listen to WHEEL UP below…