Sound of the Nation



Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour hits Ireland next year and we want to celebrate it!

Across 2FM tomorrow (Thursday) we’re giving away tickets for her Reputation World Tour which lands in Croke Park on June 15th 2018.

Tickets are on sale Friday and so now is the time to break down our five favourite tracks from the new album.

Reputation may be the end of the “Old Taylor” but it mixes her songwriting skills with new sounds and textures for her most interesting album yet. Here’s our standout tracks!

5. I Did Something Bad

A jittery electronic beat and Taylor’s voice sampled and re-used throughout makes this a standout on Reputation. With lines like “They got their pitchporks and proof, receipts and reasons” and “I never trust a playboy but they love me” Swift is having fun with her public image here. And this will be VERY fun to sing-a-long to in a stadium setting.

4. …Ready For It?

Look What You Made Me Do was a fabulous introduction to this era of Taylor but it’s …Ready For It? that really sets out just how much she’s switching things up. This track is all swagger, bragging and attitude and sounds good no matter how loud you played it. Maybe this is the perfect song to open the Reputation tour with? C’mon Taylor make our dreams come true.

3. Getaway Car

Storytelling is part of Taylor’s charm as an artist and this track is a wonderful reminder of that. Playing like a big sister to 1989 standout Style this has an ear-worm chorus and plenty of memorable lines. Very much ready to roar along to this at the Reputation tour.

2. Delicate

There are times when you might miss the country pop style of Taylor’s early work but as 1989 and Reputation have demonstrated she’s able to sound great when immersed in new production. Delicate is a great example of that. It’s all atmospheric synths and wraps Taylor’s voice in effects and yet it’s one of the softest and heartfelt songs on the whole album

  1. New Year’s Day

While Taylor displays plenty of attitude on Reputation it’s this moment of quiet, introspective songwriting that steals the show. Painting beautiful pictures through the lyrics, a simple but utterly sweet hook it has a warmth and maturity that shows how much her songwriting has grown while also reminding you of how she started. This is the tune to both sing and cry along to at the Reputation tour: