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The internet react to ‘The Story of Hip Hop’

The internet react to ‘The Story of Hip Hop’

Header photo by: Niall Carson

Friday last week 14,000 people packed themselves into Electric Picnic Rankin’s Wood tent to witness the journey of ‘The Story of Hip Hop’ with DJ Mo K, The RTE Concert Orchestra, rappers Mango and Jafaris, singers Jass Kav and Erica Cody.

They played tunes from the likes of DMX, Dr Dre, Eminem, Amerie, Missy Elliott, Tupac, Nelly, Beyonce, Eve and more which can now be watched back on the RTE Player here and below.

The reaction on site at Electric Picnic was out of this world and the reaction online was just as big.

Plus! If you’d like to check out the 4 artists original music click on their names here to listen: Mango, Jafaris, Erica Cody, Jess Kav.