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Dave Fanning – Linkin Park, Bitcoin, Movies and Singledom!

Dave Fanning – Linkin Park, Bitcoin, Movies and Singledom!

Today on the Dave Fanning Show…

Adrian Weckler explains ‘Bitcoin’ – how to get them, how to spend them and what you can buy with them.  

Following the death of Linkin Park lead vocalist Chester Beninngton, Dave plays an archive interview with Linkin Park.

Paul Whittington of the Irish Independent reviews new releases – Captain Underpants, Dunkirk and the documentary City of Ghosts.

Last One Standing – Single gals Nicola Bardon and Joanne McNally chat about the trials and tribulations of single life!

Tomas Ward tells Dave all about The Maker Festival (where people show what they are making and share what they are learning) that is taking place in Merrion Square in Dublin this weekend.

Ahead of the U2 concert tonight, Dave speaks with Dubliner Gar Dillon who played guitar with U2 on stage in Croke Park in 1987! 

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