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It’s Been a Bad Morning for Cheryl

It’s Been a Bad Morning for Cheryl

The singer’s Instagram was hacked this morning

Cheryl woke up to some unusual activity on her Insta this morning.

The singer, who’s rumoured to be expecting her first child with One Direction’s Liam Payne, has been pretty quiet on social media recently, but that all changed this morning.

Followers of @cherylofficial got a shock when some Satanic images started appearing on the account

satan-2 satan-1 satan-3

The third image directed people to follow an account using the hashtag #CyberWolfGang, the same hashtag used when Niall Horan’s Insta was hacked back in September.

The images have since been deleted, but it’s never not unnerving to see “Hail Satan” appearing on your timeline ?