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Real People

The Sound Of The Nation

Revolution Radio on 2fm

Revolution Radio brings the experiences of the ordinary women and men of 1916 crashing into the world of today and the daily shows on 2FM.

Inspired by and based on the accounts of real people captured in the Bureau of Military History Archive which you can access here, Revolution Radio brings you short stories about people who got caught up in the 1916 Rising. From those who were ready and willing to die for Ireland, to those who thought the Rising was a terrible idea, and even people who didn’t have a clue what was going on until they found themselves right in the thick of it.

Some of Ireland’s most exciting writers bring you inside the minds of these rebels, warriors, looters, objectors and witnesses for a very different kind of 1916 experience.

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Revolution Radio on 2fm was written by Amy Conroy, Shaun Dunne, and Stacey Gregg.

It was performed by: Clare Barrett, Steve Blount, Siobhan Cullen, Robert Donnelly, Mark Doherty, David Fennelly,  Emmet Kirwan, Nichola Mac Evilly, Deirdre Molloy and Jamie O’Neill.

It was produced and directed by Róise Goan, Maisie Lee and Red Hare Media for 2FM.

Sound design was by ColetteKinsella, Lochlainn Harte and Julien Clancy.