Sound of the Nation

Dave Fanning Show – 20th March; John Carney, Lilly Higgins, Witchcraft, U.S Elections and more….

This weekend marks the spring equinox which is one of the eight major holidays of the Wiccan calendar – What is Witchcraft and what is Wicca really all about?…. Priestess; Barbara Lee was in studio to tell us all about it


As it’s the weekend why not indulge in a spot of brunch! Lilly Higgins was in our Cork studios with some delicious brunch ideas – Find out more on


U.S. Elections; Carole Coleman was in studio with all the latest on the race for The White House


Film Director and Writer John Carney spoke to Dave about his new film Sing Street


And Edel Coffey had a guide on what’s happening across the country for the Easter Weekend