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Celeb spawn… They’re as famous as their parents…

Celeb spawn… They’re as famous as their parents…

Celeb Spawn

These days if you’re the child of a celebrity, you are yourself a celebrity…  You don’t even have to do anything to earn the status… You’re famous by default and the world wants to know about you.  The less the public get, the more they want to know…  But why are we so fascinated with the children of celebrities we all know and love?  The Beckhams, the Wests, the Royals…  We want to know who they’re wearing, what they’re doing pretty much where their lives are going.  Freelance Journalist Tanya Sweeney talks with Dave about the opportunities and lifestyles of the second generation… Wherever they’re going, it’s bound to be good.

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Sightsavers are hosting an exhibition, Framing Perceptions’ from the 23rd February – 6th March on the Gallery of Photography in Temple Bar, Dublin.  It features images takes by award-winning photographer Graeme Robertson who visited projects in Uganda, East Africa and Rajasthan and North India.  The images are of people living with disabilities in Uganda and North India.

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Graeme Robertson: Framing Perceptions – A Sightsavers Exhibition 23/02/16 – 6/03/16


Coping with Failure

At some point in our lives we all face failure.  Sometimes we try our best but it just didn’t work out and when it comes to failure some of us are better at dealing with it than others.  For some, failing can seem like the end of the world but it’s nothing to be embarrassed by.  Some of the world greats have failed time and time again…  J.K Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers before Harry Potter was eventually taken on.  Psychologist Allison Keating chats about how we can deal with one of life’s most difficult emotions… Failure.

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RTE Rugby Commentator Michael Corcoran talks about the Ireland -v- England game at Twickenham Stadium, London today.  Kick-off is at 4.50pm.

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Movie Critic Paul Whitington talks about some of this weeks new films including ‘Grimsby’, ‘The Forest’, and ‘The Truth Commissioner’.

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