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Dave Fanning Show: 20th February 2016

Dave Fanning Show: 20th February 2016


We’ve all used excuses to get out of things.  Whether you’d rather sit and watch another episode of Friends than go to yet another birthday party or you’d rather have a nice hot soak in the bath than head to a club on a winter evening, there’s inevitably a time when you will need a good excuse.  Ciara King runs through some of the best excuses we use and also why we should stop using them.


Facebook… The New Internet?

Facebook is now planning to provide a publishing service so that content can be published and accessed directly by users.  Along with Apple and Twitter they are also taking on the American government and the FBI.  Is Facebook becoming the internet?  Adrian Weckler, Tech Editor with the Irish and Sunday Independent, reckons they are.


Being a Celebrant

There are lots of people planning weddings at the moment.  At one point the options were limited when it came to the ceremony…. You either got married in a church or you got married in a registry office but in the past number of years options have increased.  Dr Lorraine Mancey O Brien from the Institute of Celebrants and Brian Whiteside, a member of the humanist board, talk about some alternatives to a traditional wedding.



Movie Critic Paul Whitington discusses some of this weeks new releases including:  ‘The Finest Hour’, ‘Freeheld’ and ‘How To Be Single’.