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Dave Fanning Show: 13th February 2016

Dave Fanning Show: 13th February 2016

Things Nobody Ever Tells a First Time Parent

Andy Murray and his wife Kim Sears this week celebrated the arrival of a new baby girl.  both Andy and Kim are first time parents and while parenting can be an absolute joy, there’s a lot you don’t learn until you yourself are thrown into the chaos of raising a child.

Paddy McKenna, a relatively new parent, and Eimear O Mahony, who is a dab hand at parenting, are both in studio to share the joys of parenting as well as the nitty gritty of being a first time parent… the stuff nobody ever tells you.



Lent kicked off on Wednesday but what is it all about?  We do it because Jesus went into the desert where he fasted for 40 days and 40 nights despite the Devil trying to lead him into temptation..  But when did this tradition change to mean we have to give up chocolate, drink and basically anything we enjoy in life.  Nicola Bardon does Lent every year and she’s here to say why.


Foley Artist

We all know the big movies sound effects…. storms, bombs, guns and the works… but what about all those subtle sounds you never even think about…  the sound of hair being rustled, a kiss being had, a marble rolling down a hallway…  They all have to come from somewhere.  Well a man called Jack Donovan Foley, an unsung hero in the movie industry, introduced these environmental sounds to film way back in the day.

And while Jack is long gone, others have followed in his footsteps and they are known as Foley Artists.  Caoimhe Doyle is one such artist and she demonstrates some of the best know sound effects for Dave.



Movie Critic Paul Whitington talks about new movies out at the cinema this week including Zoolander No.2, Concussion, and The Survivalist.