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Dave Fanning Show: 30th January 2016

Dave Fanning Show: 30th January 2016

101 Things to do Instead of Playing on Your Phone

A recently published book 101 Things to do Instead of Playing on Your Phone by Ilka Heinemann helps us to set our phones down and gives us suggestions of things we can do instead, things which were once enjoyable like sending a postcard…  With our addiction to technology, has it come to the point where we need books to tell us what to do?  Ciara King chats with Dave about the suggestions in the book and she offers some of her own.


Zika Virus

In the past week or so we have been hearing more and more about Zika Virus.  Scientists are saying that the virus for which there is no vaccine could have “explosive pandemic potential”.  Symptoms include: fever, rash and joint pain and anyone travelling to an area where Zika virus is found is at risk of infection including pregnant women.  Darina O Flanagan, Director of our Health Surveillance Centre, tells us more.



It’s that time of year again when we’re just back at work after Christmas but already we’re thinking about when our next summer holiday is going to be.  For some however, going away can be a real hassle, especially if there is a dog involved… He didn’t enjoy the kennels last time and your sister isn’t available to mind him this time… Fear not!  Now your dog can stay in a lovely comfortable home with a dog sitter who lives in your local area and it’s all thanks to a service called HouseMyDog.  co-Founder James Mackleroy tells us more.


Pieta House

This month marks 10 years since Joan Freeman opened up a centre dedicated to suicide and self-harm prevention in Lucan.  Since then, Pieta House has grown to nine centres, treating thousands of people every year.  Joan has since stepped down as CEO to help bring the model to America, to help Irish ex-pats struggling abroad.  She talks to Dave about the future for Pieta House.