Sound of the Nation

Dan’s Playlist – Monday, September 4

Otherkin – ‘Come On, Hello’ Warpaint – ‘New Song’ (Mike D Remix) Smashing Pumpkins – ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’ REWS – ‘Shine’ Yppah (feat: Anomie Belle) – ‘Film Burn’ In Valour – ‘Higher’ LCD Soundsystem – ‘Emotional Haircut’ Rage Against

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Dan’s Playlist – Wednesday, August 23

Kings Of Leon Vs Lykke Li – ‘Knocked Up’ (Rodeo Mash-up) DBFC – ‘Jenks’ Bloodhound Gang – ‘The Bad Touch’ REWS – ‘Shine’ Flume (feat: Beck) – ‘Tiny Cities’ Basement Jaxx – ‘Raindrops’ Fjokra – ‘Bang On The Door’ Tricky (feat: Martina

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Dan’s Playlist – Monday, August 14

The Chemical Brothers (feat: Q-Tip) - 'Go' Le Boom – ‘What We Do’ (Mix & Fairbanks Mix) Major Lazer (feat: Mr Lexxx & Santigold) – ‘Hold The Line’ Jealous Of The Birds & Ryan Vail - 'Love Is A Crow' REWS – ‘Shine’ Zwan –

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