Sound of the Nation

Dan’s Playlist – Monday, September 11

Justice – ‘Genesis’ Rejjie Snow – ‘Flexin’ Heroes In Hiding – ‘No, You’re A Rabbit’ Jane’s Addiction – ‘Been Caught Stealing’ Superorganism – ‘Something For Your M.I.N.D.’ Portishead – ‘All Mine’ Booka Brass Band – ‘Talk Dirty’ Sampha – ‘(No

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Dan’s Playlist – Wednesday, August 30

Beastie Boys – ‘Sabotage’ Shookrah – ‘Gerascophobia’ The Avener (feat: Phoebe Killdeer) – ‘Fade Out Likes’ Gorillaz (feat: Grace Jones) – ‘Charger’ Humanzi – ‘Long Time Coming’ Three Underneath – ‘Buddy Yeah’ Queens Of The Stone Age – ‘The Lost

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Dan’s Playlist – Monday, August 14

The Chemical Brothers (feat: Q-Tip) - 'Go' Le Boom – ‘What We Do’ (Mix & Fairbanks Mix) Major Lazer (feat: Mr Lexxx & Santigold) – ‘Hold The Line’ Jealous Of The Birds & Ryan Vail - 'Love Is A Crow' REWS – ‘Shine’ Zwan –

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