Sound of the Nation

Chris & Ciara, The Best Bits from Sundays Show.

We're making waves, two radio mentions in one week, at least one of them was positive. We asked the public what they'd vote for, Chris and Ciara want to ban music out of a strangers phone and ghosting. The public want more... Archives with Aifric,

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Chris & Ciara, The Best Bits from Saturdays Show.

Chris and Ciara chatted about obvious advice and Marian read some Bob Dylan lyrics including ‘I took his flute, I know it wasn’t cute’! Chris asked Ciara about her interview Domhall Gleeson the other day - she flirted, he flirted, Marian fluted.

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Archives With Aifric: Deep Sea Radio & Pat Kenny Goes To A Nude Play

On ‘Archives with Aifric’ we went back to to 1988, when 2FM broadcast live from five meters under the sea & Pat Kenny reviews a nude play.

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